Sunday, 21 April 2019


It is Christ Jesus encountering His own
God’s unique gift in boundless love shown.

It is  life after a death ignominious
The conquest of mortality- a victory glorious.

It is fire that breaks the darkened night
Shining forth from the tomb, eternal light.

It is love that can’t be touched by destruction
Fertile seed of God’s new creation.

It is the awareness of celestial presence and power
Hidden, yet real, love’s sublime shower.

It is the banquet in which we celebrate
Communion of the faithful- its glory anticipate.

It is the divine dimension shining through
Visible only to faith’s view.

It is the Ark entering the temple
An asset out of liabilities ample.

It is victory after crossing the sea
And allowing God, God to be.

It is the triumph of fullness over emptiness
True sweetness sipped from the cup of bitterness.

It is divine strength and human weakness
Health gained after fatal illness.

It is the martyr’s blood – salvation’s seed
That over the world, did Christians breed

It is light of love in darkness drear
A lively faith that casts out fear.

It is the secret of zeal of God’s messengers bold
Fighting the good fight with courage untold.

It is freedom from slavery to sin
The breaking forth of the Spirit from within.

It is the source of inspiration for you and me
To surrender to God with hearts pure and free.

Saturday, 13 April 2019


Eucharistic community, Jesus and we,
Like vine and the branches Nourished from the Tree.

Eucharistic community Jesus and we,
His marvelous dream Of humble charity.

Eucharistic community Jesus and we,
With Him by our side Living in solidarity.

Eucharistic community Jesus and we,
He in us and we in Him In the heart of the Trinity.

Eucharistic community Jesus and we,
Caring, sharing, bearing In love’s simplicity.

Eucharistic community Jesus and we,
Union of hearts In total liberty.

Eucharistic community Jesus and we,
Loved and upheld Meaningful entity.

Eucharistic community Jesus and we,
Ongoing salvation Forgiveness and maturity.

Eucharistic community Jesus and we,
His presence made visible A pointer to a wider reality.

Eucharistic community Jesus and we,
The mission in life Of a contemplative personality.

Saturday, 6 April 2019



 FAITH … A thirst for the Infinite

A pure, ardent and strong faith is a grace, and as we know, it is a free gift to all. Those who desire more will receive more. When we made a choice to live in this enclosure, of a CLOISTERED CARMELITE LIFE, it was faith that was at work in us, prompting us from within, a deep thirst for the DIVINE, for the INFINITE. And it is this faith that sustains and guides us in our continual search for God, makes us adhere to Him with perfect confidence though He remains hidden from our sight. Like St. Paul we too can see “Through a glass in a dark manner”(1cor. 13:12) Yet we are certain that he will not deceive us.      

St. Therese of the Child Jesus says “I want to seek You O God in this ardent faith and cling to You always even if such faith is naked and stripped of every consolation” (Story of a Soul,ch.13.)

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity gives a number of quotations from St. Paul and from  ST. John of the Cross. Thus even in this life, faith gives /shows us God, hidden it is true but God Himself.
Faith is the Eye that sees God
No matter how Dark the day
Faith is the Hand that holds Him
On the STEEP and RUGGED way
Faith is the HEART rejoicing
Accepting God’ s promise true
Faith is the EAR that listens
To the VOICE that speaks to you
Faith refuses to Doubt Him
Though others are filled with fear
Faith is believing the Word
And Knowing that God is NEAR.


Sunday, 17 March 2019

Report of the Visit of our Superior General and Definitory                                     along with all the participants of the Extraordinary  Definitory  In Goa on 8th Feb                                          To our Carmel of Holy Trinity .Goa –Chicalim
 8th Feb . 2019 will be an unforgettable day for us and this event will go down in red letters in the Chronicles of our Monastery as the most memorable event. A year ago Rev Fr. Charles Serrao our Provincial had expressed his desire to have this visit to our Carmel. So in preparation for this event the work of painting and giving a new look to our Monastery began much in advance.
On 8th Feb., the immediate preparations started. A large welcome poster was placed at the main entrance. The convent premises was shining and every corner was beautified by a pot of flowers and pots as also the corridors and cloisters were bedecked with floral arrangements and a welcome board was hung with ‘welcome’ written in various languages.
Sharp at 4pm, with the pealing of the bells the arrival of our guests was announced. Our Extern sisters welcomed them at the gate and Fr. Tauro directed them at the main door to the Chapel. Rev Father General and all visitors gathered in the Chapel, than Mother Theresita welcomed them with a welcome Speech expressing the joy of this event and thanking them for this privilege – the first Carmel in India visited by them.

Our Joy was doubled as it was combined with the day of our foundation – Chicalim Carmel completing its 72 years. The Provincial of California Fr. …….. translated the speech in Italian simultaneously.
     We had the joy of listening to our Father General sharing his joy to visit us and also he appreciated the support  our Carmelite  Order receives through our prayer and the success of this Extraordinary Definitory. In a way he reminded us of our response to the teaching of Cor Orans. He said that he is happy to have this sister-brother relationship under the Patronage of  Our Lady of Mount Carmel as our Mother and Queen. He assured us all their help to live our Carmelite Vocation in the Church as the Beacon of Light in the world. We were invited to sing the Salve Regina in honor of Mother of Carmel, it was a heartwarming moment to be part of this solemn and melodious Praise to our Blessed Mother of Carmel.

 Then our Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao ushered them in to the Choir, where the community was assembled. In the presence of the community Mother Theresita  welcomed Rev. Fr. General with a bouquet of flowers amidst joys and smiles, of all those present.
 As Fr. General was lead to the monastery, the community placed themselves in the garden with musical instruments swaying in rhythm to welcome them with welcome songs in English, Italian and Spanish.. All were in smiles and they too joined in singing the songs. It was very amusing to see that Fathers were interested to find the welcome board in their own languages and express their joy and also the few who did not find their language  expressed spontaneously their disappointment. It was so beautiful to see all the Sisters so happy to interact with all.
 Fathers were so happy to find the community so free and lively .Fr. General was comparing us to the community that of Holy Mother and with that Teresian simplicity and joy.
     Next we led them to the Sick Sr. Mary Mount Carmel and rest of them to the open garden near the cemetery. They were so happy to be in the open place inquiring about the different trees.

It was truly a meeting  of Brothers and Sisters of Holy Mother St. Teresa. We were introduced to all the different Definitors and were also happy to meet amidst them our very dear previous Fr. General  Rev. Fr. Luis Arostegui. After a few snapshots all were taken to the refectory for a tea party.
              Refectory was arranged tastefully with flower pots and a poster showing our son ship and daughter ship under the patronage of our Lady of Mount Carmel. The tables were decorated and arranged in a western style all with Glass wares helped by one of our ocds member. Snacks  included Western, Goan and Indian ,with cashew nuts and fruits. It was so nice to see the joy and free interaction of all .It also included a water float flower arrangement with lights.Fr. Johannes said “for our Carmelite simplicity there was nothing more that could be done and all was excellent and more than very good. “Fathers were so free to express their joy to taste everything and to know about Goan sweets and Indian snacks.
              As every event comes to an end so also this event. After expressing the satisfaction of this day in different ways all bade good bye with smiles and repeatedly expressed their gratitude. At the end all were given a souvenir in remembrance of this Historic event in our Carmel.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Why do I keep flowers for the crucifix
I behold my spouse on the cross
My Jesus you died for love of me
Can any bride stay unmoved
When her bridegroom dies
To gain for her heavenly kingdom
With his precious blood
Who can fathom his infinite love
That burns in the heart of Jesus
As he bleeds and suffers on the cross
Only a soul that resembles him more
Stoops in empathy to all who suffer
Would have experienced his love

Joseph of Arimathia and Nicodemus
Are busy in preparing your body
With Mother Mary and some friends
Before the Sabbath so hurriedly
No one thought of offering flowers
So I offer them to you Jesus
O happy flowers remain there
With my soul at his feet adoring
Let’s be immersed in his love
O mystery of the crucifixion ever living
Oh how I wish as many souls
As these petals to love Jesus
So many souls gather to praise
In grateful songs to sing
 Their sweet melody to our king
Who rules from the cross of love
The whole universe with your love
Rose from the dead still holds the wounds

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Mind is like milk

The mind is like milk. If we keep the mind in the world, which is like water, then the milk and the water will get mixed up. That is why people keep milk in a cool place and let it set into curds, and then churn butter from it. Likewise, through spiritual discipline practiced in solitude, churn the butter of knowledge and devotion from the milk of the mind. Then that butter can easily be kept in the water of the world. It will not get mixed up with the world. The mind will float detached from the water of the world.

Friday, 1 February 2019

               It was a great day for us because it was our dear sister Mary Frances’s 70th entrance day. Our dear sister was born on 15th November 1929 in nsambya in Africa, was called Elsie Pereira. When she was 11 years old, her Family moved back to Mangalore to her ancestral home.  She continued her studies in St. Agnes primary, high School and college. She then decided to join Carmel, where her 2 cousins Mother Rose Marie and Sr. Margret Mary were already in Carmel. They had been an inspiration for her.
                She joined Carmel on 16thJanuary 1949 and her name changed as Sr. Mary Frances of the Blessed Sacrament, and she received the Habit on 21st November 1949.  She made her first profession on 3rd December 1950, and Solemn profession on 3rd 1953. She served our community 5 terms as prioress and a vibrant person in the community. She says to us “God is so good even though I am 89 years old and 70 years in Carmel; I still can be on my own, walk and do little things for myself. On my 70th anniversary of entrance, none of my sisters who received me are here. They celebrated the day in heaven.”    
                        Sr. Mary Frances, though 89 is very active, full of life and keeps herself busy with knitting, computer, etc. She is up at 4.30a.m. for prayer, at 8a.m.she  helps in the kitchen to cut vegetables, gardening, does portress duty etc. She is really an inspiration for all of us.
                                God bless you Dear Sr. Mary Frances for all you have been, you are, and you will be.  May showers of blessings poured on you in the coming years.  
                                                                                                                             Carmel of Mangalore