Friday, 13 September 2019

O golden cross! O golden cross!
You contradict in terms
The Saviour never carried thee
As His salvific arms

O golden cross!  O golden cross!
So elegant and fine
You have no place in my heart.
For you I do not pine.

O golden cross!  O golden cross!
You shine so brightly now
The rough beams of the wooden cross
They touched the Saviour’s brow.

O golden cross!  O golden cross!
Priced property of Sister Clean
Return to her as you came
With your shine and your sheen.

Saturday, 7 September 2019


Happy Birthday to wish you, Blessed Mother dear
All we your children have gathered here
Privileged to sing the splendor of your birth
Profoundly bowing before You – our host
You, our tainted nature’s solitary boast!

Bless us Mother, we plead You
Immaculate Virgin, pure heavenly dove
Rare jewel of humility and unconditional love
Transform our hearts with grace from above.
Detach us from worldly ambitions that lead to sin
Aflame with the fire of love divine
Youthfully to serve God’s kingdom in time.

Devoted Mother, with courage and endurance
Enable us to work with prayer and penance
Announcing the good news of Your Son, our Saviour
Reaching out to the poorest of the poor.

Marvel of God’s creation are You, Maria Bambina
Obedient daughter beautiful of Joachim and Anna
Tabernacle chosen by the Father for His Son
Heavenly lily planted in earthly garden
Eighth September, the thanksgiving day for harvest
Rejoicing we celebrate Your birth, Mother dearest.

Mary pure Virgin, full of grace
Angels surround You in time and space
Reign supreme in us with Your Son
Yes, until our earthly journey is done!

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

God’s ever lasting Love.

The Word of God is not only spoken
Many centuries before
But today to you and to me it is spoken
So let us listen to his voice.

“ I have loved you with an everlasting love”
No matter what you have done
His word brings new hope
Let us trust in his infinite love.

“ you are precious in my eyes
And honored I love you”
At times we may fall into sins
With open arms God says I love you.

“Can a woman forget her child
Even if these forget I will never forget you”
Though we may feel rejected
God’s love is stronger than a mother’s love.

“As the father has loved me
So have I loved you”
Father”s love for Jesus is infinite
Jesus love for us too is infinite

Let us ponder on God’s Word
Experience his love in daily life
Share a spark of that love
Let it’s flame spread through the world.



Monday, 26 August 2019


Speech needs company
Silence needs solitude;
Speech wants to conquer others
Silence helps conquer self;
Speech demands respect
Silence commands it;
Speech is self expression
Silence is self experience;
Speech is mind bound
Silence is soul bound;
Speech asserts ego
Silence effaces it;
Speech dissipates energy
Silence conserves
Speech is human
Silence is divine;

Monday, 12 August 2019


The daughter and grand daughter of military captains,
Elizabeth Catez with the blood of warriors
With iron will and determined mind
A woman of determined determination

According to the mind of our holy Mother St Teresa
She struggled and struggled hard
Till she controlled her fiery temperament
She swam against the current
Till she reached the safe shore

She dug and dug deeper and deeper
Till she found the hidden treasure
She hid and hid even from herself
Till she hid in the hidden God.

She  climbed the steep path of mount carmel
Till she reached the summit and
Experienced the warmth of the flame of love
She fought and fought the spiritual combat
Till she reached the transforming union

She praised and played the piano
Till she became the praise of glory
She longed and longed to be silent and still
To hear the one who speaks in silence

She buried herself in the depth of her soul
To find God who resides there in secret
She flew higher and still higher
Till she found the highest good
The TRIUNE GOD  in the heaven of her soul.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

God our creator

In the beginning  God  created
The heavens and the earth in love
O universe you are great and sacred
A very big temple filled with his presence.

When the creator pronounced the word
With creative power everything was made
O you flowers and trees you are so lovely
Enhancing the earth with your beauty.

O you sun and moon and stars
All arrayed in splendor marvelous
O you humans beings made by his hands
In God’s own image and likeness.

After all creation God found it very good
Let us all bow in humble Adoration
Before this great and mighty God
For such wonderful beautiful creation.

In him we live and move and exist
Our life depend on him alone
Let us with confidence and trust
Surrender to his infinite love.


Adam and Eve where pure and innocent
They lived in close intimacy with God
In the garden of Eden they lived in contentment
They yielded to the evil one and disobeyed God.

Their eyes were opened they hid from God in shame
But God our father came in search of them.
Where are you he asked with loving concern
Where do you stand in your relationship?

They choose evil and lost his friendship
They blamed each other for their sin
Since then the conflict prevailed between good and evil
God speaks through our conscience to resist the evil .
Abel the just one was killed by his brother Cain
When asked by God where is your brother
Am I my brother’s  keeper was the answer
Each one of us is our sisters and brothers keeper.

Whoever is in need we have to be their protector.
God has blessed us with health and wealth,
Time and talent and a heart to love with
When we share with the poor and the helpless.

We  become like Jesus who gave himself for us
He came to teach us how to live as a family
In this world of our common home joyfully.

Thursday, 27 June 2019


Carmel’s height, that glorious sight
Beacons you and me
To take the flight to the Lord of Light
Bravely on bended knee.

Carmel is more than a mountain
It’s the symbol of human soul –
Sweet source of divine fountain
The secret of our goal

Only those who dare to ascend
Can taste its joyful gospel;
Soft, yet strong, its echoes trend
To shake pride’s towering steeple

Carmel transcends all other peaks
In its beauty and its glory
To the serene, silent soul it speaks
The ode of celestial story

It looks down from eternity
Upon the earth below
From the abode of the Trinity
Whence grace-filled waters flow

Carmel covered with clouds unknown
The encountering sight of the Absolute
Lit by the radiance of the sun
Reveals the mystery of the Truth

Standing between earth and heaven
Carmel unites God and man
Raising spirits as does the leaven
In unbroken, unspoken communion

Carmel, altar of contemplation
Goads on seekers in their search
To be “Carmels” to our nation
To be “Carmels” to God’s holy Church.

By her life, her words and deeds
St. Therese wrote the gospel day by day
People read, near and far
The message of her Little Way.

Her life became a veritable channel
The love of God flowing through it;
She toiled for souls saved by Him
And her Little Way became a hit!